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Mission to develop and protect.

mission nortb protect children

What do we believe?

Building a future for future generations.

We do not produce. We innovate. Our work has a vision and a policy. We do not intend for any of our solutions be viable for a period, but yet to be a lesson to inspire some of the new generation to do better.

We stand against discrimination.

We started nortb equal as a movement towards true racial/gender/ethnicity equality.

Focusing on the environment.

We are committed to playing a leading role in the transition to sustainable environments.

Driving innovation and impact in global development.

Nortb Development Partnerships brings the best of Nortb to address social, economic and environmental issues.

In search of geniality.

pedro ceo nortb
"I travelled the world and I got shocked. As an European we tend to look West, and seems people still avoid looking east. I pledge that if my little corporation keeps growing within its standards, my expansions shall start by South Asia and Africa rather than US, Canada or Australia. I believe there is a world out there where economies are indeed equal. Whoever you are, keep doing your best! One day I will find you and together we will reshap the world."Pedro Specter
CEO & Founder

Everything for the environment

Sustainability means that a specific system is able to sustain itself. Our target is to make all of our key-partners not only sustainable as eco-friendly, introducing environmental policies in all the projects we do.

Figthing discrimination

Racial equality

Our mission is to seek geniality regardless of its origin or carrier. Women violence and silence have to be over, and it is time for the world to put an end to and stop calling others by their skin color.

We believe in geniuses and progress, we want to move forward. Whoever you are, please contact us personally and we promise you a job interview based on your skills and not your ethnicity.

Nortb Equal

As a fair recruitment was not enough, we also started the movement #nortbEqual in which we promote the inclusion and non-segregation as well the fight against womens violence. The project is actually looking for more people to express their voice! Contribute

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