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The industry impact of coronavirus

Outmaneuver uncertainty
For now, the COVID-19 pandemic is first a health and humanitarian crisis, and businesses are rapidly adjusting. While the crisis unfolds, leaders should also prepare for what is coming next. But not the next 'normal'. Normal isn't available to us anymore, and 'business as usual' even less. The new reality taking shape is made of complexity, uncertainty and opportunities. To adapt and thrive, organizations must accelerate and become resilient and agile. Nortb can help leaders and organizations address the deep changes needed in this new environment, from a people, operations, and technology perspective, at speed and at scale.
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Fast-tracking the rail and transit revival.
Norbt outlines how rail operators must adapt practices and improve emergency measures to support business continuity and build resilient operations.


Operative buffers. Nortb suggests operative buffers in order to plan and avoid layoffs and cutoffs on the essential production lines. In difficult times dividends are used to expand and a company is made of those who make it grow day by day. So save them.


Managing the economy impact.
We have different economic models in place and provisional ctps in order to prevent payment failure on the enterprises who struggle in these times.


Assessing the market flow over SPI variations.
Our AI allows us to forecast market flows on a 12 months span with a precision of 70% Transactional buffers can reduce risk capital on precarious and retained capital.


Reinvienting protocolling.
Covid pushed population to be more digital. The amount and transaction suffered a reduction and it is the perfect time to optimise and reinvent the transactional protocols over RSP data and SPAD verifications.

Capital Markets

Evaluating the investments on Fintech
. Fintech is hot. Economists being programmers are only a few. Programmers who know economy it is raare. Evaluate and risk asset the ticket size on Fintech investments.

Capital Markets

Property development needs funding.
There isn’t better time to reinvent spaces and offices and buildings. However not everybody is investing on the property market. Supporting property developers can indeed bring the bet profits in the future.

General industry

Buffers can save your employees.
Use them wisely.

General industry

Accumulated quarterly turnover?.
Place them in buffers and clash-insurances. Preventing let’s you expand.

General industry

Reduce procument costs.
Reduce resources within the company. Take the time to improve the company culture.

Start ups

This is the time to scale
Don’t be afraid from doing it.



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The impact of coronavirus

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