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Everything towards sustainability

How data improves sustainability.

A set of data provides an analysis to the processes and products of our key partners. With these analysis it is possible to determine and isolate non-sustainable processes.

Reducing production processes that are harming the environment might seem a drastic way of implementing sustainability policies, but if we do not, human race will go extint. At the same time, the same set of data can provide solutions more sustainable to increase the performance of these processes and thus being benefic to our key partner.

Implementing IoT solutions together with Solar Energy in the conservative market of Property Development

Our own project NProperty, borned from the necessity of finding more sustainable houses and living habbits. We combine IoT with cloud data Analysis in order to achieve better environmental housing.

Clustering microprocesses in order to reduce the amount of cloud servers.

As a target to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the server warehousing, we are researching and implementing new methodologies based on cluestering different micro processes within the same server, while not increasing the performance or energy consumption of the same. We use a technology of CDO's in order to produce the clusters.

Implementing internal policies

Our key partners who thrust our strategic opinion are implementing also our internal policies related to business travel. Travelling and commuting is a perfect way to diminish the fossel fuel usage and achieve the target of a fossel free world.

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