Finantial marketing. The next step.

Less costs, more assets, more profit

Marketing will die. It became such a normal job to learn and perfom. Nowadays everybody can start their own marketing agency without any skills and succeed. It is easy to advertise, to idealize and create content that serves as your marketing material.

We wanted more!

We looked at the core of any business and we realised that the current model ends in expenses vs sales. And an idea came. How could we actually marketing the business core model instead of the business itself. Financial Marketing born here.


Profits & margins

A property can be a business. It has monthly expenses, and it has monthly revenue. By reducing the expenses, money is generated (saved) which can be used to invest and increase the profits. Intead of waiting 10 years for a property to pay itself, our approach reduced the time significatively in 30% (7 years).


reduce the expenses


Increase sales and revenue


Market the Property. Increase the profits. Generate machines


And strategies.

What is your business base value? How much do you spend in liabilities and how much do you generate in revenue? Those are the core questions that cube analyses.

Reduce one, increase the other. Solutions like renewable energy and smart technology, increase the property value. Properly market, with techniques that we developed such as CFO's and LGA's you can actually increase not only the business core value, as the margins of it.


the all package

Cube is the new step. The new system.

The solution that increases your profits,

and gets your business ready to expand or for its next investment.

We would like to describe it a little bit more to you, however our product is totally brand new. Contact us