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It’s a question many are asking as the collective call to reimagine how and where we work is strong. Our Nortb Future of Work vision is based on exploring what most people want: a hybrid model, where they sometimes work remotely and sometimes go onsite.

Why is hybrid so appealing? It brings together the best of both worlds. Those who had a hybrid work model during COVID-19 had better mental health, stronger work relationships and were more likely to feel as a result of working for their organizations. They also experienced less burnout than those who worked entirely onsite or entirely remotely.

Our well being affects what we do, and that reflects on our samples of work.

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Everything About Data

Read more about our work with data clustering.

Strategy & Operations

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Data warehousing

Learn more about our research within the health market and data warehousing.

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Following the research from the MYO project, we are researching ways to improve arm prosthesis by transforming analysis of muscular analysis and electric neurological signals into movement.

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We are lauching our own payment solution towards retail and third party services without any extra fess over the transactions. Get the total amount that you sell

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Operating data

Digitalization is after all a primary force of innovation.

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